Spanish Courses
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Our Spanish language immersion offers levels which fall into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The Benefits of Language Immersion

Whatever your age, there are many benefits to learning a new language. This includes a range of cognitive advantages, such as enhanced memory and increased intelligence. Being fluent in a foreign language in adult life can also provide a boost to your CV, as well as being a handy skill to call upon when travelling.

There are many ways to learn a foreign language and embrace the plus points mentioned above. These methods go far beyond the constraints of the modern day classroom. Language immersion is growing in popularity, and there are numerous reasons why it’s a successful route to becoming fluent in a foreign language. At GCS Language Academy, we facilitate language immersion by connecting learners with the right learning opportunities. Our homestay and language exchange club is great, delivering authentic, immersive learning experiences across a diverse range of languages. So why does language immersion work? And what benefits can you reap as a result?

1.- It’s a better way of learning

Submerging yourself in the culture of the country you want to learn the language of is certainly exciting. It’s also a practice that works. Traditionally, language learning is delivered through instruction, whereby a student sits in class then listens, repeats and completes exercises on their new language. Rather than poring over textbooks and memorizing words, immersion learning exposes you to the language in everyday scenarios. The outcome is successful. After all, that’s the way you learnt and became fluent in your first language. You should repeat the process when learning your second, third or even fourth language!

2.- You’re exposed to so much more

There’s so much more to learning a new language than perfecting your grammar and vocabulary. Using your new language practically and in everyday situations means understanding different accents and slang. Language immersion programs like the ones we provide mean you have access to the native speakers that are integral to the language learning process. Learning a new language from a native speaker harnesses a number of benefits of its own. As well as embracing collaborative learning through an immersive experience, you’ll get to know the culture behind the language. Partners of the Americas lays out the details:

“Have you ever read a comic or a joke in another language and did not understand the context, although you understood the joke grammatically? The trickiest part of learning a language is learning its pragmatic elements. According to one definition of bilingualism, someone is not bilingual until he or she acquires this pragmatic knowledge. Since the language reflects the culture of a people, this element is a fundamental part of teaching and learning a second language. A native speaker can help you understand the culture or backstory to why that joke is funny.”

3.- Immersion exchanges are actually affordable

Unlike classroom-based foreign language courses, immersion via  homestay means you can access great teaching for very little cost. You can also experience the culture of your host country, and all in exchange for your own hospitality, teaching and guidance at a later date. All you have to worry about is your flights and spending money.

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